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...fuelling the teaching and learning of languages through information, inspiration and community.

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Busting common language learning myths

What do we do at the Language Fuel Academy? We help language teachers and learners become better at what they do! Start here (for free) by exploring your beliefs about language acquisition. Are any false beliefs holding you back?

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Language Fuel Premium Membership

Get access to all of our courses with a Premium Membership!

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Getting started with the Language Fuel Academy Premium Membership

Members start here! Take 15 minutes now to learn how the Language Fuel Academy works, and set yourself up for success with your Premium membership.

Adam Brown

Getting Started with Word Classes

Nouns, Verbs, adjectives, adverbs... Get it straight once and for all!

Leslie Foster

Using Flashcards Effectively

Learn how to boost your language learning and teaching through effective use of this simple tool. Paper-based and digital flashcards can be a fantastic aid for language learning. We show you how!

Joanna Smith

How to teach English pronunciation

Learn about the different aspects of English pronunciation, and how to teach them. We will focus on the suprasegmental aspects.

Joanna Smith

Become fluent in the English phonemic alphabet

Learn how to use the English phonemic alphabet! A little bit of theory, and tons of practice.

Julie Belding

How to start an English Conversation Class

This course will walk you through the basics of how to set up an English Conversation class in your community.

Miranda Verswijvelen

How to create interactive video quizzes

Forget passive video-watching. Learn how to create an interactive experience for your learners with some simple tools.

Joanna Smith

Harness YouTube with meaningful listening tasks

Learn how to create meaningful listening tasks for your learners by making use of the thousands of authentic texts at your fingertips.

Joanna Smith

How to teach vocabulary

Teach vocabulary with confidence! Choose the right word, present them well, practice them and encourage learners to become self-directed.

Leslie Foster

Understanding Fluency

Understand what fluency is, and create a plan to achieve it!

Joanna Smith

How to create stunning handouts

Leave boring handouts behind. Become a design whiz in less than half an hour, by learning how to use Canva - a free cloud-based tool.

Joanna Smith

Toolkit for teaching the sounds of other languages

A brief overview of phonetics, and tons of practical, proven tools for how to teach the sounds of other languages.

Joanna Smith

How to learn the sounds of other languages

Learn some fun and practical ways to master the sounds of any language.

Leslie Foster

Getting started with a Language Assistant

Language learning does not need to be done with dictionaries, coursebooks and CDs. Anyone can acquire another language through carefully structured interactions with a competent speaker of that language. Let us show you how it's done!

Joanna Smith

Inspiration Bites

Short bites of inspiration - find all of the Language Fuel Podcast episodes and their downloads in one place, organised according to topic.

Leslie Foster

Assessing Proficiency

What is proficiency? How can we measure it, and how do we set realistic goals for ourselves or our students, to achieve the next level of proficiency?

Joanna Smith

Understanding English Verb Forms

This course is designed to help you understand the different verb forms in English. What are they called? What do they do? Come find out!