Harness you tube with meaningful listening tasks

Harness YouTube with meaningful listening tasks

Engage your language learners with powerful authentic videos! Learn how to find appropriate videos, and create meaningful listening tasks for learners at any level. | Taught by Joanna Smith

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What is this course about?

In this course, you will learn how to harness the power of YouTube in your language teaching practice. Make use of the vast library of authentic texts in the target language by creating meaningful tasks for your learners. As well as tips on searching for appropriate videos, you will be provided with more than a dozen downloadable templates to use, along with guidelines for best practice in task-based listening pedagogy. Move from overwhelm to confidence with this practical, value-packed course.

Joanna Smith
Joanna Smith
Founder & Director, Language Fuel

Joanna is a passionate linguist, and taught languages and linguistics for over a decade in academic institutions. She loves teaching, and her students responded in kind by voting her Lecturer of the Year two years running. She has published research on best practice with a specialty in pronunciation teaching. Recently, she worked for a handful of years in the corporate Learning and Development arena, training hundreds of staff worldwide in a variety of modes. Through Language Fuel, she's combining her linguistic and e-Learning expertise in order to fuel the teaching and learning of languages worldwide..