Getting started with a Language Assistant

Getting Started with a Language Assistant

How can someone get started in language learning without access to dictionaries, coursebooks or a trained teacher? We show you how. | Taught by Leslie Foster

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What is this course about?

Language learning does not need to be done with dictionaries, coursebooks and CDs. Anyone can acquire another language through carefully structured interactions with a competent speaker of that language. Let us show you how it's done!
Leslie Foster
Leslie Foster
Language Learning Coach

Leslie has a Master's degree in linguistics. She has been teaching language and culture learning programs since 2000. She is one of SIL International’s five Senior Language and Culture Learning Consultants. (Click here for more information.) For the past several years, she has started focusing on helping non-beginners through online courses and remote coaching. She is an advisor and author for several Language Fuel courses. She's also available to do 1:1 coaching.