Practical tools for teaching sounds of other languages

Toolkit for teaching sounds of other languages

A brief overview of articulatory phonetics, and how to teach the sounds of other languages | Taught by Joanna Smith

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What is this course about?

Teaching the sounds of another language does not have to be difficult, or boring! This course will provide you with a bunch of useful tools to help you teach your students the sounds of the language they are learning.

The course in total should take between 3 and 5 hours, depending on your prior understanding. You can watch all in one go, or a chapter at a time. You can skip to different sections, or watch one section over and over again. The beauty of online learning is that all of that is up to you!

At the end of this course, you will have a full toolkit of practical ideas on how to teach the sounds of another language, and summary handouts to remind you when you need it.

Joanna Smith
Joanna Smith
Founder & Director, Language Fuel

Joanna is a passionate linguist, and taught languages and linguistics for over a decade in academic institutions. She loves teaching, and her students responded in kind by voting her Lecturer of the Year two years running. She has published research on best practice with a specialty in pronunciation teaching. Recently, she worked for a handful of years in the corporate Learning and Development arena, training hundreds of staff worldwide in a variety of modes. Through Language Fuel, she's combining her linguistic and e-Learning expertise in order to fuel the teaching and learning of languages worldwide..