How do I access the Language Fuel Courses?

You are invited to become a Premium Member of the Language Fuel Community. A Premium Member gets access to all Language Fuel courses, including new ones as they are published. Premium Members also get access to our exclusive Facebook group, where they discuss courses, and get support from other language teachers, language learners, or the Language Fuel Team. Click here to become a Premium Member.

How often are new courses published?

We are constantly developing new courses. Usually, there is a new course published every month. Join our community mailing list to hear when new courses are added.

Will the price of my membership increase?

No. It is our guarantee to you that your monthly membership fee will stay the same price as when you joined. Although our membership fees (for new members) will increase over time, those who join at lower price points will always keep their lower membership fee.

Can I enrol in a single course?

No. If you only want to do one course, you can join as a Premium Member for the length of time that you need to complete the course, and then simply cancel your subscription when you are done. (Most of our courses are designed to be completed in one sitting.) Of course we hope you discover great value in your membership, and decide to stay with us! We publish new courses every month.

Do you provide course course completion certificates?

Most of our courses have completion certificates. In order for the system to recognise that you have completed the whole course, be sure to click 'next' each time you complete an activity. When the whole course is completed, you will receive your course completion certificate via email.

Do your certificates of completion qualify me to become a language teacher?

The Language Fuel Academy is currently not affiliated with any institutions who provide internationally recognisable certifications. However, our courses are written by a team of people who are highly qualified in the field of linguistics and/or second language acquisition. Many of them have written textbooks which are used in training programmes globally. You can use Language Fuel Academy courses as a cost-effective way to prepare you for a recognised certification programme, and to continue your professional development activities after your pre-service training is completed.

What currency is used at the Language Fuel Academy?

Currently, we are charging in USD. Language Fuel is based in New Zealand. However because many teachers in the Language Fuel Community are located around the world, we have chosen to avoid confusion and use US Dollars as the currency for the Academy. If you would like to know how US Dollars compare to another currency, you may like to visit

If you are in New Zealand, and would like to purchase using New Zealand Dollars, please click this link, and we can arrange for a NZD membership option for you.

Do you allow for group purchases?

If you are a Head of Department, Director of Studies, or Language School Owner, we would be delighted to partner with you to provide professional development support for your language teaching staff.  We can facilitate purchases for groups by issuing one invoice for the whole group. Please get in touch with us via

Does my enrollment expire?

Premium Members get access to all of the Language Fuel Academy courses for the duration of their membership.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

Due to the nature of online courses, where content is available for consumption as soon as you receive access, we are unable to provide refunds. We do, however, provide a free trial for most of our courses, which allows you to access a few presentations and activities from that course. This will enable you to make an informed decision as to whether our courses will be suitable for you.

Who do I contact if I am having trouble with the site?

You can contact  at any time to ask for help. We will do our best to respond to your request within 24 hours.